Improve operations efficiency

Measure and improve the outcomes of time spent in the field

Customizable, embeddable tracking views

• Track activities and progress in real time

• Explore hierarchical views for granular visibility

• Drill down to historical timelines

One-tap geotags

• Capture real-time field sales notes and important app events

• View activity audits in-dashboard and on a map

• Log activities on-device even without network connectivity

Powerful geofences

• Automatically track travel and visits to places of interest like field sites and customer locations

• Use radius and polygon geofences

• Receive real-time arrival & exit notifications

• Capture time spent and route to each place

Rich scoreboards

• View on-time performance, completion rates, trip lengths and visit durations at a glance

• Compare daily performance with historical averages

• Identify and proactively manage bottlenecks

• Understand tracking gaps, outages, and delays

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Shiva Rajagopalan

President, CEO

"Actioning live location data of field workers is changing the way the field operates in Oil & Gas industry. Live Route, built with HyperTrack, is core to that transformation."

Deliver great experiences

Delight customers with live tracking and custom views

• Live routes and ETAs for multi-stop trips

• Prevent delays and avoid no-shows

• Customizable web and native tracking views

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Phaneesh Gururaj

Vice President,
B2C Engineering

“HyperTrack has added great value in terms of location tracking, ETA, and integration support for custom views.

“We had to work closely on multiple fronts to get the experience right, and HyperTrack’s passionate team really helped us here. They were just a message away.”

Integrate and automate

Ready-made integrations + extensible APIs = unparalleled flexibility

HyperTrack is designed API-first—because the tool needs to work for you, not vice-versa”

• Notify teams and customers of key moments in real-time with webhooks

• Integrate business processes with live location, movement context and summarized markers via HyperTrack APIs

• Create accurate mileage tracking and automate distance-based payouts

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Partha Sarkar

Director of Software Development

“When I was looking at the API documentation, you seemed to have documented everything, and very well, and HyperTrack’s SDK was very simple to integrate.”

Get started instantly

Deploy fleetwide tracking with off-the-shelf apps or easily integrated SDKs

• Remotely manage tracking trips, visits, and check-ins with off-the-shelf iOS and Android applications

• Build battery-optimized tracking into your app with native and hybrid SDKs

• Automatically deploy tracking to teams via one-click invite+install flows

HyperTrack Visits

For fleets 10–10,000

• Remotely managed live location tracking

• Support for trips, order dispatch, geofences, geotags

• Location and time-stamped check-ins

Open-sourced apps

Visits: Manage customer deliveries with automated trip tracking iOS | Android

Ridesharing: Driver and rider apps to track pickups and dropoffs iOS  |  Android

Live location sharing: Live location sharing with an ETA to a destination and delay + diversion tracking iOS | Android

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Native and hybrids SDKs
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Nicholas Cameron


“We needed to keep up with the competition, so we needed to show customers how to track their driver. That’s where HyperTrack came in.

“HyperTrack’s been working great, and we got it up and running quickly, so, we’re super pleased.”

Track with confidence

Trust the world’s most powerful location logistics cloud

• Capture live location while managing battery efficiency, accuracy, user privacy and data security

• Enjoy real-time contextual location data that scales with your business worldwide

• Consume data through simple interfaces: webhooks, REST & GraphQL APIs, and web & native live views

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Eric Geiler

Client Relations Manager

“The asset tracking application is our competitive advantage in the marketplace. We often call it the HyperTrack advantage.”