Route to nearby drivers

Improve resource utilization and fulfill faster

Find nearby users in real-time

• Live location search of available resources

• Results sorted by drive ETA

• Query for users by skill, vehicle type or other custom criteria

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Jackie Qi

Founding Engineer

“Real time location tracking is critical for our business as dispatching service. We are able to auto dispatch 90%+ of jobs to the closest technicians confidently. HyperTrack's state-of-the-art technology works perfectly for us. Not to mention their best technical support. We are a happy customer.”

Manage order assignment

Empower stores to manage and route better

Simple and ready-to-use dashboard

• Input orders through CSVs or APIs

• Plan orders into trips

• Assign trips to available users

Dynamically optimize routes

Optimize by location of customer, store and driver

Complex optimizations made simple

• Minimize time and distance costs

• Factor in available capacity and service time

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